The Digital Atlas Project is LIVE!

Finally! An up-to-date digital atlas available online, anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection – without having to lug an out-of-date book atlas around with you! And it’s completely FREE with NO ADVERTS!

The Digital Atlas Project is here!

Maps, data, visualizations – all things geographical – the resources students need to work in class or work at home, or in the Library or at a friends house. An ideal atlas resource for home-schooled students and remote learning.

Teachers: You will find the latest world maps, world region maps, various themed pages, data and visualizations to share with your inquisitive students. Links the Digital Atlas Project to your Google Classroom pages, directly in your assignments, and on your department and school websites.

For teachers and students in Canada, there is a “Canada” section to support the many provincial Canadian geography courses across the country. The Digital Atlas Project also supports World Issues courses and other senior geography course such as Physical Geography.

So, head on over to the Digital Atlas Project and start pouring over the maps and resources.

Digital Atlas Project - Know your world!

The Digital Atlas Project is LIVE!
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