Palm oil is not the culprit Coconut oil is

I was shocked enough by this headline that I really had to share it:

Coconut oil production threatens five times more species than palm oil – new findings

The Conversation

And here we thought palm oil was the ‘bad guy’, when, in fact, it’s the seemingly healthful and benign coconut oil. Even olive oil is worse than palm oil. As the author, Erik Meijaard, says – and this I found incredible:

The Spanish olive harvest reportedly killed 2.6 million birds in 2019, as agricultural workers vacuumed up both olives and roosting birds at night.

While the orang-utan is the species that catches our eye, there are many more species at risk due to coconut oil. Why? The bottom line is that coconut plantations tend to be on smaller tropical islands, which we know from island biogeography, have higher numbers of endemic species.

There is far more going on than we realize and it is imperative that we become not only knowledgeable about the impacts of our transnational food tastes, but how to better manage it for sustainability.

Take a moment to read the specifics of the article.

from Meijaard et al. (2020)/Current Biology
Palm oil is not the culprit Coconut oil is
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