News Feature: The quest for the sustainable city | PNAS

Cities have become epicenters for confronting climate change, harnessing renewable energy, and mitigating pollution. The city plans striving for sustainability are many. Easy solutions are few.

New York, London, Copenhagen, and most of the other large cities in the developed world are now following sustainability plans, many of which are just as ambitious as LA’s version. In fact, LA joins at least 19 other cities worldwide that have set a target of zero or near-zero net carbon emissions by 2050—a goal they hope to attain by promoting fully electric vehicles, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, and buildings that meet stringent energy standards.

These big cities, along with several smaller ones, are acting because they have no choice, says Anu Ramaswami, an environmental engineer at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis

News Feature: The quest for the sustainable city | PNAS
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An excellent overview article about the strategies cities around the world are using to become (more) sustainable.

From the article: “Urban metabolism” or Sankey diagrams track a city’s use of energy, land, water, and transportation. This one depicts the ecological footprint of Vancouver residents as it relates to land use. Image credit: Philip Mansfield (Yale University, New Haven, CT), generated using data from ref. 8.
News Feature: The quest for the sustainable city | PNAS
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