In our backyard: What climate change in Canada looks like

In our backyard: What climate change in Canada looks like
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Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, has created and excellent web resource highlighting some of the predicted and real impacts the changing climate will have on Canada and Canadians, specifically: wildfires, extreme heat, flooding and Arctic a thaw.

To put it in a nutshell, every Canadian will be adversely affected by the impacts of climate change, economically, politically, socially and environmentally. Many, particularly those that support the right, continue to deny climate change outright or they deny the contributions to climate change of our fossil fuel industries and our lifestyle.

Hazard Alert: Political commentary follows

Our upcoming federal election will be the greatest test of Canada’s understanding of climate change. Sadly, our Conservative Party is choosing to be obtuse about climate change, hiding their ignorance and denial behind cheap shots thrown at our centrist Liberal Party. The provincial Conservative Party’s are worse and are doing everything in their power to negate any progress made toward mitigating climate change! If you’re reading from Europe, you must be wondering what Canada is turning into!

Our governing Liberals have not shown particularly good leadership on climate change. They accept the problem and the potential impacts, approve a nationwide carbon tax (thank goodness!), but then try to buy votes in Alberta (votes they will never get due to Alberta’s right-wing agenda) by not only approving an oil pipeline (one that BC and many Indigenous people do not want), but nationalizing the pipeline. WHAT?!? That’s insane.

My feeling, and I’m going out on a rather thin political limb here, is that our only hope is the Green Party. Sadly, too many Canadians are entrenched in the politics of old to consider voting Green, which is a shame, really. Too many Canadians have blinders on, blinders that have been firmly tied in place by a tired old system and the ignorance of too many who, because of their media consumption being rooted in our southern neighbour, do not understand the fundamental differences between the way our multi-party parliamentary system works and that of the functionally two-party system in the US.

Climate change has vaulted its way from environment to politics, leaving the social and economic arguments behind. Perhaps the CBC’s glimpse through In Our Backyard can begin to change that.

In our backyard: What climate change in Canada looks like
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