Looking back at Plate Tectonics

I must be getting old, at least I’m starting to feel that way with this article from the BBC:

Plate tectonics: When we discovered how the Earth really works

While I’m too young to “remember the day” (I was only five, after all), I do remember the enthusiasm of my Grade 11 Physical Geography teacher, Karl Krumins, for this new theory he was teaching us called Plate Tectonics. I was spellbound. Finally it all made sense. I try to convey to my students the same enthusiasm for Plate tectonics as a simple explanation for some very complex and diverse Earth phenomena. They, too, see the simplicity of it.

While on the BBC site, have a look at this link to some of the background on Dr. McKenzie’s research: McKenzieArchive.org

Then, swing over to the Geologic Society’s Plate Tectonics page. It is an excellent resource for Earth Science students. As a Canadian, I was pleased see J. Tuzo Wilson celebrated as one of the Pioneer’s of Plate Tectonics.

Lots of great reading about a fascinating chapter in scientific discoveries.

Looking back at Plate Tectonics

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