IB DP Geography

This is my second year teaching IB DP Geography. As luck would have it, the syllabus has changed beginning this year. Here are the IB links to:

Above, you will see a menu item for the course, with sub-headings for each unit. I will be adding resources here as I come to them.

The IB DP Geography syllabus is an excellent, robust course. Having taught World Issues in Ontario, A level Geography in England and now the IB DP Geography course, I am greatly enjoying the depth and breadth of geography covered by the IB DP course. The fieldwork component, alone, makes it a far superior course to the others I have taught. A level Geography is almost as robust; the Ontario World Issues course (CGW4U) lags behind both. It’s clear to see why the IB and A level coursesearn students university equivalents.

I must admit, I prefer the structure of the former syllabus, using very clear-cut command terms to specify the depth required for each topic and sub-topic. The new syllabus is not as specific – perhaps that will be a good thing in that it allows for some interpretation, but… given the exams are specific, it would be helpful to have some specificity in the syllabus.

IB DP Geography
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