Shame on OAGEE!

I was shocked this morning to see the post by the Ontario Association of Geography and Environmental Educators (OAGEE) on the World Economic Forum’s take in population growth. It read, “The clock is ticking…” and showed a video sensationalizing the problem of population growth as if it is behind all the world’s troubles.

OAGEE should be ashamed!! This line of thinking is antiquated! I’ve been teaching World Issues since the early 1990s and back then it was old thinking. Blaming the world crises on population growth is attempt by us in the west to place the blame elsewhere.

We, here in the West, with our resource consumption, are the problem! We consume and pollute 10 to100x that of someone in an LEDC, making our relatively smaller population far more dangerous to Earth’s systems. That makes 35 million Canadians equivalent to 350 million to 3.5 billion people in LEDCs!

Interestingluy, if you actually click through to the WEF article, it is far more rational. Besides, population growth is declining!!

Ever heard of Hans Rosling? Have a look at “Don’t Panic!” at:

Of course, maybe, just maybe, OAGEE is only doing what I like doing in the classroom – throw out a red herring to stimulate discussion!

Shame on OAGEE!

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