Journey to the Centre of the Earth

 BBC Journey to the Centre of the Earth Have you read Jules Verne’s landmark Victorian novel? If not, as a geographer, you must! Add it to your summer reading list.

In the meantime, check out the BBC’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth webpage. It’s built on the same principles as the How Big is Space page and Into the Ocean Depths and provides a somewhat interactive view into Earth’s lithosphere alongside the ocean depths (to 11 000m, that is). The Lithosphere continues right down to the core.

Along the way you’ll learn about the depths of Lakes Superior and Baikal, the effects of nitrogen narcosis, the depth of the Chilean miners (OMG,) as well as the deepest mines and caves, the depth of the Grand Canyon, the bottoms of all the oceans and Xenophyophores (look that one up!). You’ll pass through all the layers including the Mohorovićič Discontinuity (saying/writing the “Moho”, just doesn’t cut it!). Thank goodness, the scale changes as you go deeper or you could be at this all day!

Besides it edutainment value, “Journey” certainly reinforces the fact that we have barely scratched the surface of what we know about Earth (pun intended!). Enjoy and “Discover what lies beneath!”

Journey to the Centre of the Earth
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