Interactive 3: Your Life on Earth

bbc-lifeImagine all the things that have happened on Earth since you were born. If you are young, perhaps not very much, geologically-speaking. But if you’re an octogenarian, it shouldn’t surprise you that whole continents have moved!

You can find all this out at BBC’s site: Your life on Earth. In fact, the name is a bit misleading. You actually learn about the changes on Earth during your lifetime rather than your specific life. After inputing my data, I learned that since I was born, the East Pacific Rise has travelled 7.8m, and Earth’s human population has grown by over 4 billion! Yikes! I’m not that old (or so I thought!)

The statistics provided on the site are interesting in and of themselves, in fact some are downright quirky. But where I found this site useful was for my Grade 7s, as an introduction to our World Studies course – and they were amazed. It got them thinking about the world around them and is helping them to develop some all-important perspective. I had them write blog posts describing what caught their interest and how it made them feel. Very helpful, very interesting, especially when they began sharing the site with their parents!

Have you found a particularly great interactive website that stimulates thought and discussion? Then please share it with all of us by adding it in the Comments section below.

Interactive 3: Your Life on Earth
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