How big is space?

bbcspaceGeography has traditionally been rooted on or in the ground of planet Earth. To Geographers, “space” and “spatial” refer to an area of land, but more and more, the knowledge and skills of Geographers are being applied to the Space around Earth and the planetary bodies found there.

So, this BBC website – How Big is Space? – is especially helpful for students new to Earth and Space Science to better understand just what we’re talking about when we say “Space”. It has many references to the history of space exploration and features and phenomena of Earth’s atmosphere and Space itself.

Oddly, though, and perhaps a result of the confines of webpages, the rocket takes off and proceeds downwards as one scrolls the webpage (almost as if the site was designed, tongue-in-cheek, by a group of Aussies). I suppose no one has invented a way for webpages to start at some bottom point and scroll upwards to better reflect the reality of blasting off “up” into space!

How big is space?
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