Weekend Wandering 4: Information Geographies

InternetTubeIt appears I’ve been on a data/information/infographic kick as of late. I must admit to being intrigued by the unique intersection of creativity, data and location. It certainly speaks to my interests and Information Geographies is exactly that.

It is a compendium of maps illustrating all facets of internet use from physical submarine cables (Internet Tube to the right) to the Broadband Affordability (both actual cost and cost compared to real wages). But don’t Broadband_Affordabilityjust look at these two examples; this is a Weekend Wandering, so put that pot of coffee or tea  on and immerse yourself!

In case you are interested in looking up other Geography Blogs – have a look at the list I am compiling at GeoKnow.net > GeoTech > More Great Sites. And, certainly, if you have any recommendations, add them to the comments below and I will be happy to them as well.

Weekend Wandering 4: Information Geographies
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