Seeing the forest for the trees

imageDo you subscribe to NASA’s Earth Observatory Image of the Day? If you are a student of geography, you should; if you are a teacher, you must! Each week you will be sent a synopsis of the images from that week – but it’s not just images! With each image is a well-researched write up providing context and additional links.

As well, they offer feature stories, often about how remote sensing is used to analyse issues here on Earth. One I turn to frequently is “Seeing the Forests for the Trees” which is a look at how satellite technology is used not just to analyse land cover, but also the height of forest canopy. For Geomatics students, they provide a behind-the-scenes look at how satellite data is verified through direct observation.

The article is multifaceted in that’s you learn about studying forests and forestry issues, and also about remote sensing and forests as carbon sinks.

Land, if you need more information about Forests, head over to

Seeing the forest for the trees
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