Discovering Antarctica

AntarcticaYears ago, when I taught in Chelmsford, England at Moulsham High School and Humanities College, I had the unique opportunity of leading a group of students to assist with developing the website Discovering Antarctica. It’s enheartening to see the site still available and that the Antarctic is still an integral part of the UK geography curriculum.

We took the train down to London for a day at the Royal Geographic Society. Our job was to test drive the site and make recommendations for improvement both in UI, navigation and content. For students and teachers alike, it was a great behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into developing an extensive resource such as Discovering Antarctica.

We had the added benefit of meeting members of the British Antarctic survey to learn more about what they do and how they do it in sub-zero temperatures for months at a time, including trying on the survival suits used in the Antarctic.

What surprises me is how extensive the British involvement is in Antarctica. As a Canadian, it annoys me to know that the Brits are more involved in the science and well-being of Antarctica, than we Canadians are in our own Arctic. All we ever hear about is how expensive it is – well imagine how that translates to Britain. They do more research in Antarctica, 14,000km from London, than we do in our own Arctic backyard.

For more on Antarctica, visit > Explore! > Antarctica

Discovering Antarctica
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