BC Megathrust Earthquake

earthquake-plate-tectonicsIt’s only been recently that the concept of “megathrust earthquake” has developed – and now we find they are “in our backyard” so to speak. I think the term “megathrust” speaks for itself, rather like “supervolcano”. In this age of superlative-overuse, this one might just  be appropriate, and, according to this CBC article,  Canada’s West Coast is a potential location.

It’s not often Earth experiences earthquakes of a magnitude greater than 9. Both the Japanese earthquake of 2011 and the Sumatra earthquake of 2004 were 9s. The next most recent 9+ was the Alaska ‘quake of 1964 which was a 9.2 (see more at this USGS page). So while they are uncommon, they are extremely dangerous, especially when it comes to tsunamis.

This recent article gives Canada’s West coast a heads-up as it just might be the next place to expect a megathrust earthquake.

For more about earthquakes, megathrust earthquakes and Canada’s earthquakes, visit GeoKnow.net > Lithosphere > Earthquakes.

BC Megathrust Earthquake
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