Weekend Wandering 3: My new favourite website – Health Intelligence


My students will tell you – I love data. With my Grade 8s (who are doing the Ontario Gr 9 Canadian Geography course), we recently completed one of my favourite GeoLabs:  data mining to calculate a Quality of Life Index then compare it to HDI.

Well, what should cross my desk from my colleague Nigel, but this website: Health Intelligence. For a GeoGeek like me, it’s like discovering Hans Rosling all over again. The author of the site is Ramon Martinez, an information system engineer with formal training in epidemiology, biostatistics and public health. I really think I missed my calling because I could look at the data, graphs and maps he has created all day!

Even better is his page of Data Visualization Tools. Astounding. I have definitely missed my calling. There are ways of visualizing data that I’m still trying to wrap my brain around. This page, in itself, is worth an hour or so of surfing.

Besides the data, I think what I like most about Ramon’s site and the data visualization sites he has linked to, is that the pages are clean and uncluttered, with the right balance of content and white space. I don’t feel bombarded with information or graphics; nor do I feel rushed into clicking. I can take my time, navigating from page to page, enjoying the experience and quality of the thinking behind the graphics. Nicely done!

Weekend Wandering 3: My new favourite website – Health Intelligence
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