Here’s one for Raptor fans

RaptorsSorry to get all the fossil hounds excited for this post, but I’m talkin’ basketball here. Twitter has created a visualization of where fans of the various NBA teams are located across North America and it’s worth a look: Canada is Raptor Red!

It’s easy to overlook how much geography there is in sports teams; it’s not just the travel but the fan base as well. And, of course, tied to that are the sales of all the bling that goes with modern professional sports. I imagine a purchasing agent for a sportswear store or chain would find a map like this rather helpful i deciding just how many shirts of which team they should keep in stock.

Zoom* in to the places where there are geographically close rivalries like eastern seaboard. I find it also surprising how outside the local markets, the Lakers in the US and the Raptors in Canada just take over. (*Zoom controls are lacking. I had to zoom the webpage by “unpinching” my trackpad or iPad to zoom in.)

And if the palaeontologists are still reading – have a look at yesterday’s post

Here’s one for Raptor fans
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