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HDII’ve been using HDI now for 20 years – about when it first came out, I believe. This week, as part of the Changing Populations unit in Canadian geography (Ontario), I will be working with students to develop an HDI-like index using 6 different Quality of Life indicators for 18 countries. They will be looking up the values, researching what the indicators mean and using Google Sheets to create spreadsheet of values and rankings to come up with an overall rank.

TZLifeThe goal of all this, in addition to learning the technical skills of spreadsheets, is to use the data to “predict where Canada’s immigrants will be applying from in the future”. I’m liking this new curriculum and how it is much more action-based.

All this prep had me working over the last little while to bolster the links on the Development page under Anthroposphere. The latest HDI link is there plus links to a variety of other indexes of development including the World Happiness Report, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index and, of course, the Economist’s Big Mac Index. You will also find a link on the page to my photos of Tanzanian Life under Explore. This is part of a growing number of images I am making available to students and teachers for educational use.

Just added to GeoKnow.net – Development page
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