Geologic Time

GeologicTimeHow often do you check your watch or your phone for the time? How about your daybook or agenda for upcoming or past events? Everything today seems to happen so quickly, unless you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair or waiting room.

Geologic Time is something different altogether. Rather than seconds, minutes and hours, geologic time is measured in epochs, periods and eras. National Geographic has created a helpful, visual time line they call their Prehistoric Time Line. While it is geared primarily to biological events, it’s strength is in it interactive nature and excellent graphics.

For a more geologic view, have a look at the UCMP Geologic Time Scale (UCMP=University of California Museum of Paleontology). While less visual and more text-oriented, the UCMP time line is very complete with great text, some graphics and some of the global fossil locations listed and linked.

I spent a bit of time searching for a video to convey the same information in a succinct and visually compelling way, but was quickly underwhelmed by what’s out there…so, if anyone can suggest an online video of geologic time, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. For now, I’ll just settle for these two.

For more information about Earth’s Lithosphere, visit > Lithosphere

Geologic Time
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