Weekend Wandering 1 – The Big History Project

I’m introducing a series of blog posts called Weekend Wanderings. In each, I will introduce online resources that will take more than a few minutes to digest – the kind of thing you might just get lost in on a Saturday morning. So, put on a pot of coffee, sit back and prepare to be wowed!


big_history_promoA few years ago, I was first introduced to the concept of “Big History” – putting everything we know about history into one interactive place – and I was immediately engrossed. To quote the Big History Project website:

Big History is a framework for all knowledge. From the Big Bang to the modern day — and to what may lie ahead, Big History considers the great questions about our Universe, our planet, life, and humanity.

Started by Bill Gates and Professor David Christian, the Big History Project is a free, online course, but it’s also an amazing interactive website, rich in video and visual information presented in a compelling way. You can work through the whole course or you can dip in wherever you care to. BHP is created by an international team of academic advisors, so the information is global in context and perspective – exactly the kind of resource I prefer to have on GeoKnow.net.

Take a moment to watch the introductory video. The concept is captivating and the results to date are truly compelling. From there, head into the Timeline. You can choose to register or simply “Get Started”. From my perspective, the creators have developed just about the best immersive online experience for learning one could ask for. All the information is there, presented in a modern, interactive way. Now, it’s up to you, the student or teacher, how you use it.

You will find smatterings of BHP throughout GeoKnow.net, but I’ve added it to the Weekend Wanderings because of it’s appeal across a diverse range of interests and because of the huge scope of the project. It will take you more than a few weekends – perhaps a whole summer holiday – to work your way through the Big History Project.

As I said in the intro, put on a pot of coffee and prepare to spend more than a few hours getting lost exploring and learning. The time will be well-spent!

Weekend Wandering 1 – The Big History Project

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