The Precarious Gulf Stream

GulfStreamOur European friends certainly rely on the wonderful warmth brought tot them each winter by the Gulf Stream – North Atlantic Drift. I lived in Germany for three years and in England for another three years and in all that time, I think I saw snow on the ground for a total of two weeks (other than when skiing in the Alps!). Despite being further north than where I am here in southern Ontario, Western Europe just does not get snow on a regular basis – all thanks to the Gulf Stream – North Atlantic Drift warm ocean current.

But all that could change… When we lived in England a few years ago, there was talk of how the melting of Arctic ice due to Global Climate Change could shift the North Atlantic Drift southwards. This video – The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age – explores that possibility. Although 52 minutes long, and a bit repetitive (as made-for-TV documentaries often are), it is a good watch and has some very good footage and graphics to share with classes.

For more information about Climate Change, visit > Climate Change.

The Precarious Gulf Stream
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