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Geopolitics is the geography of regional and world politics: superpowers, spheres of influence, international organizations and how countries are allied and aligned around the world.

  1. Geopolitcs - Wikipedia

  2. Geopolitics @ - fantastic resources!

  3. The New Geopolitics: Emerging Powers and the Challenges of a Multipolar World

  4. Profile: What is the G8?

  5. Profile: What is the G20?

  6. NATO Timeline

  7. Tick-tock politics: Why some countries choose to be out of step with GMT

Human Rights

  1. Human Rights Issues

  2. Freedom Around the World - Freedom House

  3. Slavery in the 21st century - BBC In-depth

  4. Facts & Figures - Slavery around the world

Geopolitics of War

  1. Arms Trade

  2. World Military Spending

  3. The politics behind the citing of US anti-missle defences

  4. Q & A: US missile defence

  5. Armenia's landmine curse

  6. Outside view: Oil firms boom on Iraq war

  7. Guide: Global nuclear powers

  8. Q&A: Nuclear disarmament

  9. Guide: from atom to bomb

The Arctic

  1. Arctic sovereignty: Drawing a line in the water

  2. Arctic wealth and why countries are jockeying over the roof of the world

  3. Russia plants flag under North Pole

  4. Georgia-Russia Conflict: BBC News Special Report


  1. Snapshot of Africa: Africa in figures

  2. In-depth: Africa - After the Promises

  3. The Democracy Project: Is Africa backsliding?

  4. Ghana celebrates 50 years of independence

  5. Video: How Ghana has changed since 1957


  1. The Geopolitical Repercussions of the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution [PDF]

Sudan - Darfur

  1. Sudan

  2. Southern Sudan referendum: Africa's biggest country votes on whether to split

  3. Sudan: A Nation Dividied - BBC In-Depth

  4. One country or two?

  5. Q&A: Darfur conflict

  6. Q&A: Peace in Sudan

  7. Darfur conflict zones map

  8. Forgotten Slaves: South Sudanese await return of children after 20 years

  9. Water find may end Darfur war

  10. Ancient Darfur lake 'is dried up'

  11. Thousand wells for Darfur follows discovery of ancient lake


  1. BBC News Special Report: Zimbabwe in Crisis

  2. Q&A: Zimbabwe meltdown

  3. Where are Zimbabweans migrating to?

  4. Defiant opposition leader Tsavanfirai to 'fight on' against Zimbabwean leader Mugabe


  1. Somalia

  2. Somalia in the eye of the geopolitical storm

  3. AU peacekeepers arrive in Somalia

  4. Somalia to get 8000 African Union peacekeepers

  5. Q&A: Somali conflict


North & South Korea

  1. North & South Korea

  2. North & South Korea begin talks

  3. A guide to North Korea

  4. Q&A: North Korea nuclear stand-off

  5. In-depth: North Korea - a secretive state

Tibet, Taiwan and China

  1. Tibet

  2. BBC New Special Report: Tensions in Tibet

  3. Q&A: China & Tibet

Indian, Pakistan and Kashmir

  1. India & Pakistan

  2. Key talks follow India train fire

Southeast Asia

  1. Burma's struggle: Full coverage of a country under military rule

  2. Fleeing Burma - difficult life for migrants going to Thailand

Middle East

  1. BBC Quick Guide: Islam

  2. BBC Quick Guide: Sunnis and Shias

  3. The middle ground on Islam and the West


  1. Afghanistan - the critical yea:r Background and analysis examining a country at the crossroads

  2. Special Report: Taliban Conflict

  3. NATO in major anti-Taleban drive in Afghanistan

  4. Afghanistan Quick Guide

  5. Life in Afghanistan

  6. Key Afghan players: who's who?


  1. Iran crisis

  2. Q&A: Iran and the nuclear issue

  3. In-depth: Inside Iran

  4. New tensions over Iran's nuclear plans

  5. UN breakthrough on Iran sanctions

  6. Quick Guide: Iran nuclear stand-off


  1. The Struggle for Iraq

  2. Baghdad 4 years on - Interactive Map

  3. Outside view: Oil firms boom on Iraq war

  4. Israel & Palestine

  5. In-depth: The Middle East Crisis

  6. Timeline: A history of conflict

  7. Key maps which trace the conflict through time

  8. Israel at 50 - BBC Special Report

  9. Who are Hamas?


  1. Who are Hezbollah? | Quick Guide

  2. Israel's assault on Hezbollah - Facts & Figures

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