Endangered Species
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Endangered species are those plants and animals that are not yet extinct, but, whose numbers are severely reduced often due to habitat destruction and/or poaching.

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General Pages

  1. IUCN Red List - Overview

  2. Red List of Endangered Animals

  3. Canada: Species at Risk  |  Species List  |  COSEWIC

  4. Endangered Species - Wikipedia

  5. Illegal Wildlife Trade

  6. Flagship, Keystone, Priority and Indicator Species

  7. Endangered Species Finder

  8. How are species classed as extinct?

  9. First look at vast 'book of life'

  10. ARKive: Images of life on Earth

  11. Globally Endangered Species

  12. British Endangered Species

  13. Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network

  14. Myanmar wildlife pays price for Chinese demand

  15. Whales win, black rhinos lose at 2007 CITES meeting

  16. Horn trade endangers some rhinos

  17. How the EU saves , and kills, the rare Iberian lynx

  18. Counting Namibia's cheetahs

  19. Gorilla guardians

  20. Oil beetle re-emerges after 60 years of 'extinction'

  21. Seven dead in Kenya wildlife shootout

  22. Bears are facing extinction

  23. Endangered Whales

  24. Saving Gabon's orphan gorillas

  25. Orangutans 'face greater threat' from illegal logging

  26. Threat to ocean sharks increases

  27. Climate change threatens loggerhead turtles

  28. China's panda cub breaks records

African elephants

  1. Elephant conservation

  2. Ivory trade threatens future African elephants - BBC

  3. CBC video report (RealViewer)

  4. Will legalizing the ivory trade put elephants at risk from poachers?

  5. US 'major illegal ivory importer'

  6. South Africa considers elephant cull - Print | Video - some disturbing scenes

  7. South Africa to allow elephant cull

  8. Leakey backing for elephant cull in RSA (18 March)

  9. Viewpoint: Cull concerns 'miss bigger picture'


  1. Where tigers and people fight for space

  2. Body part by body part, Sumatran Tigers are being sold into extinction

  3. Crunch time for Indian's tigers: numbers down by half (13 Feb)

  4. 'Genetic corridors' are next step to saving tigers 



  1. Viewpoint: Richard Leakey: Conservation alone 'is not enough'

  2. How biodiversity can be protected: new recommendations

  3. Connecting the dots: Species and Protected Areas [PDF]

  4. Pulling species from the brink using IVF

  5. The debate over zoos

  6. Seven dead in Kenya wildlife shootout

  7. 'Doomsday' seed vault design unveiled

  8. Near-extinct animals in need of rescue - are you game?

  9. Rare Sumatran Rhino bred in US zoo heads heads home

  10. DNA 'bar codes' identify 15 new bird species

  11. DNA tracks origin of seized elephant ivory

Success Stories

  1. Amur tiger offers an encouraging word: success

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