Earthquakes and Seismology
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What we feel as earthquakes are created by sudden shifts in the alignment of rocks. This occurs most often at the margins of tectonic plates - the plates of Earth’s crust that Earth’s surface is fractured into. These blocks of rock naturally move on the semi-molten mantle below. Along the edges, pressure builds as unyielding rocks pushes against unyielding rock until suddenly, there is slippage and the plates move creating an earthquake.

Japanese M8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami – 11 March 2011

BBC News  |  Globe & Mail  |USGS  |  NOAA Tsunami Event

Christchurch, NZ M6.3 Earthquake – 22 February 2011

BBC News:  A  B  C  D  E  |  USGS  |  Wikipedia

Ontario-Quebec Border M5.0 – 23 June 2010

CBC News  |  USGS

Canterbury, NZ M7.0 – 3 September 2010


Chile M8.8 – 27 February 2010

BBC News  |  CBC News  |  USGS

Haiti M7.0 – 12 January 2010

BBC News  |  CBC News  |  NYTimes  |  USGS

South and East Asian M9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami - 26 December 2004

BBC News  |  CBC News  |  NY Times  |  USGS  |

Coverage of Recent Earthquake Disasters
Get Involved

Earthquakes and their aftermath are truly devastating to the communities who experience them. It’s not just the structural damage and resulting fires, but also disease due to a lack of sanitation and clean water as well as homelessness.  A number of aid organizations work specifically on Disaster Relief including:

  1. World Vision


  3. OXFAM

For more information see Aid Agencies >

Current Earthquakes
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