Global Climate Change
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There is no single issue that has brought the world together and split it apart as Climate Change has. There is no doubt that the world's climate is changing - it has never stopped changing. But what are the factors driving that change and are we partly to blame? Be sure to scroll down past the General Pages and on to the Effects and possible Solutions to this divisive issue.
General Pages

  1. UN Gateway to Work on Climate Change

  2. At a Glance  |  Statistics  |  Causes  |  Consequences

  3. Greenhouse Gases

  4. Climate Change - BBC Site

  5. Evidence  |  Impacts  |  Adaptations  |  Policies

  6. Greenhouse Effect  |  Greenhouse GasesSkeptics

  7. BBC In-depth: Climate Change

  8. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

  9. Climate Change (past, present and long-term periodic changes)

  10. World carbon dioxide emissions data by country: China speeds ahead of the rest

  11. Global Warming - Wikipedia

  12. Greenhouse Effect - Wikipedia

  13. Greenhouse Gases - Wikipedia

  14. Ultimate Climate Change FAQ

  15. Paleoclimatology

  16. Climate Change Q & A - BBC

  17. 50 years on: The Keeling (carbon) Curve lives on

  18. Guide to Climate Change - BBC

  19. Mapping climate change around the world

  20. Global Warming: a series of instructional movies developed by Planet Earth Science and NASA

  21. Climate Change - CBC

  22. Interactive world map with climate change photos

  23. Climate Change - G&M

  24. Climate Change Evidence - BBC

  25. What are climate change feedback loops?

  26. Evidence of Human-caused Climate Change Unequivocal - ENS

  27. Ozone has 'strong climate effect'

  28. UN Intergovernmental Panel in Climate Change Report of February 2007 - BBC

  29. IPCC synthesis report: Risks and rewards of combating climate change

  30. Climate change in graphics - BBC - CBC

  31. Breathing Earth - FLASH presentation of CO2 emissions for every country

  32. Greenhouse gas emissions by industrialized countries at new high: UNFCCC

  33. Global Warming Art

  34. Global warming by the numbers

  35. Models 'key to climate forecasts'

Climate Change Causes

  1. Alberta oilsands: Black Gold or Black Eye

  2. Why it’s called ‘Dirty Oil’

  3. Oilsands map

  4. Eat a steak, warm the planet

  5. Over 50s 'worst carbon culprits'

  6. Greenhouse gases continued rise

  7. Carbon emissions show sharp rise

  8. 2006 6th warmest year on record

  9. 2006 5th warmest year on record

  10. Met Office: 2007 to be 'warmest on record' | BBC

  11. Top 11 warmest years have all been in last 13

  12. Next decade 'may see no warming'

  13. Bush climate report shows greenhouse gases skyrocketing

Climate Change Skepticism

  1. Climate skepticism: The top 10

  2. Danish Researcher: Cosmic rays cause warming

  3. 'No sun link" to climate change

  4. Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate models

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  1. How Severe Can Climate Change Become?

  2. Climate change having 'worldwide, widespread effects'

  3. Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change

  4. What’s the economic cost of climate change?

  5. Met Office: Climate Change Predictions

  6. Earth - melting in the heat?

  7. Thawing Permafrost Likely Will Accelerate Global Warming, Study Finds

  8. Hunting climate change evidence

  9. Billions face climate change risk

  10. Climate Change 2007: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability  (547KB)

  11. Mapping Climate Change

  12. How the world will be affected by climate change

  13. Humans affect global rainfall patterns

  14. Impact of Climate Change in the UK

Sea Level Rise

  1. Will oceans surge 59cm this century - or 25 metres?

  2. Rising tide: What is causing sea levels to rise and by how much?

  3. Rising Seas Will Affect Major US Coastal Cities by 2100, New Research Finds

  4. Tidal cycle could amplify global-warming-related sea-level rise

  5. Flooded future looms for Bangladesh

  6. Rising sea levels would submerge third of Bangladesh

  7. Asia's mega-deltas in frontline from flood risk

  8.  Island on front line of global warming

  9. Benin's Cotonou - a city slowly swallowed by waves

  10. Dramatic impact of sea-level rise on Chesapeake Bay's coastal habitats

  11. Climate change threatens drinking water as rising sea penetrates coastal aquifers

  12. Maldives says warming threatening islands

  13. Polar Ice Caps

  14. The Big Melt: Climate change and Arctic sovereignty

  15. Arctic Climate Change - CBC

  16. Melting Polar Ice Cap - G&M

  17. Melting ice leads to greater warming

  18. Antarctic ice loss speeds up, nearly matching Greenland

Biomes & Ecosystems

  1. Shrinking Tundra, Advancing Forests: How the Arctic Will Look by Century's End

  2. Tropics expand as world warms

  3. World's protected areas threatened by climate change

  4. Koala groups face extinction due to changing forests

  5. Climate change threatens Siberian forests


  1. Climate change could lead to conflict, instability

  2. Climate change likely to result in eco-migration


  1. Adapting agriculture to climate change

  2. Climate threat has plants quivering

  3. Toll of climate change on world food supply could be worse than thought

Positive Effects

  1. Greenland sees the bright side of warming

  2. Climate change benefits UK farmers - BBC

  3. Global Warming - Effects in Cities - BBC (Video)

  4. NASA study finds warmer future could bring droughts

  1.  Animation of ideas for cutting global warming

  2. Climate change solutions key to world prosperity

  3. Lovelock urges ocean climate fix

  4. Global climate efforts 'woeful'

  5. The Kyoto Protocol Q & A

  6. Will Kyoto die at Canadian hands?

  7. Ecological Footprint Calculator

  8. Climate Care Carbon Calculator

  9. Tackling climate change: Families and carbon footprints

  10. BBC Guide to Climate Change

  11. Want to reduce your food-related carbon footprint? What you eat is more important than where it came from

  12.  The carbon footprint of a crisp (potato chip)

  13. Forest Protection is climate protection

  14. ecoEnergy for personal vehicles

  15. EU sets emission targets to fight climate change

  16. Capturing carbon and putting underground - CBC

  17. The Carbon Trade Q & A - BBC

  18. Carbon offsets deliver where it matters

  19. Care needed with carbon offsets (tree-planting) - BBC

  20. Facts & Figures about carbon use - CBC

  21. Clean coal technology - how it works - BBC

  22. Japan, US eye emission-free coal plant

  23. Could iron fertilization of oceans combat global warming?

  24. Ocean fertilization 'fix' for global warming discredited by research

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