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It’s fine to study humanitarian and environmental aid programs, but how about making a real difference by getting involved!
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Biodiversity refers to the variety of species found in a region or ecosystem. Many scientists believe we are on the cusp of the 6th great extinction of species caused primarily by people like us.

Biodiversity is about more than protecting endangered species, though. Often the best approach is to protect whole habitats and ecosystems, thus preserving entire food webs intact.

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General Pages

  1. Convention of Biodiversity - see especially the CBD Fact Sheets on the left menu on their site

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  4. Biodiversity - Wikipedia

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  6. Biodiversity Map

  7. Why do so many species live in tropical forests ?

  8. Convention on Biodiversity- especially the CBD Fact Sheets in left menu bar

  9. Biodiversity  - UN Convention on Biodiversity [VID]

  10. Extinction crisis escalates: Red list shows apes, corals, vultures and dolphins all in danger

  11. World 'losing battle against extinctions'

  12. Biodiversity is fundamental to economics

  13. Protection for 'weirdest' species

  14. Introduced Species: The Threat to Biodiversity

  15. Quiz: Species & Extinction

  16. Large Amazon forest reserves crucial for species survival

  17. Cheap coffee threatens wildlife

  18. Coffee 'risk' for Sumatra reserve

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Biodiversity Hotspots


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  3. Hotspots by Region

  4. Map & ArcView Shapefile data

  5. Map: Biodiversity hotspots

  6. 'Noah's Ark' forest clings on in Brazil

  7. New Studies Find Amazing Concentration Of Species Unique To East African Mountains


  1. Viewpoint: Richard Leakey: Conservation alone 'is not enough'

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  11. DNA tracks origin of seized elephant ivory

Success Stories

  1. Amur tiger offers an encouraging word: success