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What is is dedicated to assembling the best resources found on the Internet for students and teachers of Geography at all levels of learning. It's your daily, one-stop launchpad for geography learning and research, bringing the best geography news and websites on the Internet together in one location.
Why do you use so many BBC articles?
     While there are a number of news-gathering organizations to choose from, for objectivity in story writing and coverage on a global scale, there is no parallel to BBC. Although adverts are found on international versions of BBC web pages, it is not a commercially-driven machine which allows it more editorial flexibility. Furthermore, BBC has a plethora of background articles to help explain the mechanics of various phenomena and the historical context of events.
Why do you link to Wikipedia articles? Are they reliable?
     Wikipedia has quickly become one of the most helpful sites on the Internet for well-written and illustrated overview and background articles. While it is recognized that Wikipedia articles may be edited by anyone with an account and can be targets of malicious hacking, studies have clearly shown that the error rate for science-based articles in Wikipedia is on par with expensive and “professionally-written” and edited encyclopædias. Furthermore, Wikipedia continues to work very hard with its writers to ensure the validity of what is presented. Most helpful, are the references at the bottom of Wikipedia articles - they are helpful stepping stones to further knowledge.

  Should I be concerned about bias?
     Nothing is written without human subjectivity or, worse yet, bias, so you must question all sources of information! If anything written in any article from any source seems wrong or questionable, check the references and the author - what might their agenda be? Too many Wikipedia-skeptics, accept without question unreferenced articles from other sources such as magazines and newspapers. There are preciously few news organizations free of politics and bias – just check the affiliations of their Boards of Directors and Editors and what role their advertisers and supporters might play!
Who is working behind the scenes at
     Since its creation in 2005, the person behind is Terry McDonald. You can learn more about him here.
How can I help?
There are five specific ways you can help make the most complete Geography Resource on the ‘net:

  • when you come across a particularly good resource on the net, let me know via email (see below);
  • make your homepage and the homepage on computers used by Geography students at your school, college or university;
  • add as a link on your Geography web page: copy and paste the logo above and add the URL;
  • send me an email to tell me who you are and how you are using;
  • make a donation towards helping with costs. Email Terry to ask how, as he is determined to keep free of ads and free to use.

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