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General Purpose Apps

  • UN Country Stats - FREE  iOS
  • UN Calendar of Observances - FREE  iOS | Android
  • NASA Visualization Explorer - FREE  iOS | Android
  • Disaster Alert (Free) iOS | Android
  • World Bank - Spatial Agent - FREE  iOS

Apps for Geography

   Grab your favourite tablet and discover a new world of geographic learning...
For general purpose use, I can recommend the Google Apps for Education (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc) and the Google Drive App. And, don't forget Google Earth - not quite as powerful as its desktop cousin, but certainly a must have.
   For documents, I must admit to finding Pages and Keynote far more engaging to use than any other document or presentation application - and both are free as well.
   Another free app fundamental to productivity is Microsoft OneNote – the best digital binder of notes, photos, PDFs, docs, etc.

Maps & Mapping

  • Topographic Maps Canada: Download and view topographic maps of Canada FREE  iOS
  • Rand McNally Road Atlas: US & Canada & Mexico; $9.99 iOS8


  • World Development Indicators (FREE) iOS | Android
  • CIA World Factbook ($1.99) iOS
  • The Economist World in Figures - FREE  iOS


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